A gross portable a/c unit

Sometimes the best things in life aren’t at all free…while this has been true on a number of occasions, such as the time that the most cute pet in the world stumbled into our yard, there have been far more instances where this hasn’t exactly worked out in our favor by any means. I mean, no one can consider a couch infested with bugs to be “the best thing” in life, even if it was pulled off a curbside street, but similarly, I don’t believe anyone would say a major fly infestation is satisfactory recourse for the blessing of a totally free AC portable machine, but everything went downhill on the day that I was driving through some back alleys and found an old window AC component right outside next to a large garbage bin. I pulled over to load the big cooling system machinery into our car, expecting to have a wonderfully comfortable night of sleep once the cooling system was up and going; What I didn’t expect, however, was for a family of sizable black big flies to have taken residence inside the air conditioner equipment. Whenever I turned on the little cooling system and adjusted the onboard thermostat down to 65 degrees, a big swarm of big black flies came pouring out from the air vents, riding the prominent flow of the cool air as it came through. I spent the next three weeks hunting annoying dirty insects in our house, however at least the air was cool and comfortable during our fly massacre.

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