A happy heating system

The love of my life & I decided to go away for the weekend. I thought it would be romantic to rent a beach house out in the woods. I found an adorable little Bungalow with a kitchen, bedroom, & fireplace. The online pictures and drawings were absolutely wonderful, & they depicted an intriguing & quaint cozy place. The love of my life was excited, after seeing the reservation & perusing the photos. The love of my life was bummed out, when I told her there was no Wi-Fi signal at the cabin. I assured her, however, that everything would be fine, and I was absolutely right. The thermostat reading outside was pretty cold, but the little house in the woods had a fireplace. The love of my life & I pulled up to the driveway, & the out outdoor scenery completely resembled the photos. All of us opened the front door, & most of the Bungalow was just like the online pictures. The love of my life was particularly pleased with the site. It was still absolutely arctic in the cabin, so all of us started to gather supplies for the fireplace. I hauled in some wood from outside. The love of my life found some matches & kindling near the fireplace. The owner of the beach house made sure there was more than enough wood outside. It was piled high on the side pallet, so I didn’t have far to walk. The love of my life & I had a lovely weekend together, & the fireplace was the perfect backdrop, however during the night, the thermostat reading was almost too cold in the bedroom. All of us had to keep the door open & put extra logs on the fireplace before heading to sleep each night. A few years later, I took the love of my life to the exact same spot to ask for her hand.

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