A holiday party HVAC component

Today I took my mother in law out to visit all of the Christmas bazaars in our area. Starting the first weekend in November,the bazaars are kind of the unofficial start to the Christmas and holiday season around this part of the country where  my family resides. But of course, the weather and the temperatures have been cooling off quite a bit around here too. The colder temperatures constantly put my partner and I in the mindset of the holidays. That, and being able to use our wood burning fireplace; we really appreciate burning wood in our fireplace. So the two of us are constantly ecstatic when the weather starts cooling off… Today, the bazaars were in full swing. Even though the outside temperatures were really cool, inside the bazaar it felt as though you were inside of an oil furnace! They legitimately had some complications with their heating & air conditioning units at these churches this week. However its unclear if they just had too several bodies packed into the churches at the same time, or if the heating was stuck.  Regardless, my mother in law and I were so relieved back out into the fresh cold air, and away from heat and awful indoor air quality! The weather is still cooling down now, and my partner and I expecting to get more snow, but that’s okay with me. Once I’m back at the lake house in front of our fireplace, I will be ecstatic and pleased. No more Christmas bazaars for myself and my partner’s mom, that’s for sure! I’m ready to snuggle in at lake house in front of the fireplace and let them worry about their heating complications themselves.

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