A lovely weekend

My wife and I went on a little getaway last weekend. We rented this nice cottage out in the woods. It was a really nice location and they advertised a nice HVAC system so I wasn’t too worried about being comfortable inside the place. When I got there however, I was a little disappointed when I seen the temperature control was really high on the wall. I happen to be a little vertically challenged, so I honestly could not reach the temperature control without pulling up a chair, or in this case the whole table to reach the thing. I called the agency about the rental and let them know that I could not reach the temperature control unit. They quickly apologized and said that it was a smart thermostat so we could access it via our smartphones. They gave me the information to connect to the smart thermostat and then it was easy to just control the climate control system via our smartphones. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! It was such a nice feature because we could easily control the heating and cooling system anywhere from our phones. Since it was a rental, we just kept the HVAC system at a very comfortable setting even when we were away from the cottage. There was a nice lake we went swimming in and we had such a marvelous time. It felt so perfect in the cottage when we returned. I cooked my wife her favorite meal that evening and we had the most perfect relaxing evening! She said we should definitely get a smart thermostat when we got back home.

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