A moldy cooling component

My friend told myself and others this story of how his current dwelling was overcome with mold. He said he knew he had bought his dwelling used, as it was rented out by school students. He had got a fantastic deal on the mortgage payments plus he figured it was because of the heavy traffic near the university campus. He certainly didn’t mind the traffic plus just saw the deal as a way to save money for his upcoming vacation trip! We would speak to one another when we were in the backyard. The two of us were never over friendly with one another plus knew our boundaries as neighbors. That was until one day I saw him dash out of his kitchen door plus began throwing up like crazy on the ground. I rushed over to him plus asked what was wrong. He wasn’t entirely sure, but he figured it was something going on with his HVAC system. I called the ambulance plus they took his away to the hospital. I went to visit him in the hospital some days later to show my respect plus asked his what was his issue. He said he smelled a horrible stench all that night plus suspected it was some kind of foul smell with the HVAC equipment. But when he went into the basement, the smell became stronger. That was when he noticed the mold seeping through the walls plus ceiling. He had questioned the realtor when he bought the home if it needed any ventilation work or any sort of HVAC appliance upgrades. The reply was no. That amount of mold certainly didn’t build while he was living there, so it must have been known to others who were involved. I took it upon myself to schedule a Heating and A/C serviceman to come plus examine his situation. He let me know that he was in the process of contacting his attorney.

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