A summer cleaning task

Summer cleaning jobs are certainly is as awful as it sounds. These type of jobs usually go to the people desperate looking for work. When a person puts off looking for Summer job until much too late, you need to take what you can get. As a student who had to make up classes during the summer, I was forced to put off the job search and miss my family vacation. I couldn’t even hang out with friends. The job I ended up with was really difficult. My responsibilities included going from rental to rental down the beach doing deep cleanings from all of the people who had stayed there on vacation.  We had to literally strip every single air vent in the entire house, disinfect it and change the air filters. This was the absolute worst job! The people who rent these units over work the HVAC system because they aren’t paying for the electricity. They leave the whole place in a horrible mess just because they can. You could almost tell when you walk in the place who broke the non-smoking or non-pet rules. But, once you opened up the filters it was obvious. So, not only was the smell the worst, we had to stop and take photos for the owners so they could charge the extra cleaning fee. Some houses took a lot longer than others did, for those we at least got compensated well. At least the owners understood when certain tenants were worse than others. They valued us and understood that it was the worst job ever. If we did a nice job, we would get a nice tip when we completely the job. I will tell you this, I sure do have a lot more respect for my home’s HVAC system now.

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