A whole new life after moving

My best friend and I decided to move to the other side of the country. We were tired of getting busted for smoking marijuana. We wanted to live somewhere that recognizes the medicinal benefits of medical and recreational marijuana. My best friend and I found jobs as budtenders in a state out west. They have legal recreational and medical marijuana, and tons of new jobs. My parents were unhappy with my decision to move, but it’s been the best thing ever. Derrick and I found a little apartment in the city. We are several blocks from our job, so we can walk every day. We don’t have to worry about getting caught doing something illegal, and that’s really nice. We work in a dispensary, where we help patients try free samples. We have a nice smoking room set up in the back. The room is equipped with a state of the art HVAC system. The ventilation system removes all of the smoke odors and fumes. We are left with a clean and fresh smoking atmosphere. We use the HVAC system to keep the temperatures comfortable. No matter the day, month, or season, indoors will always be a cool and comfortable 70 degrees. Stabilizing and monitoring the indoor temperatures and humidity levels are very important for this type of business. The indoor air quality can really effect the ultimate freshness for each strain. Derrick and I have learned a lot about the business, and it’s really starting to boom. Maybe we will move a bit further north, and start a small farm of our own.

HVAC component