AC for beach living

I have fun going to the beach as much as anybody living in a tropical state would attest. A hot day in the sand, listening to the ocean as waves crash on the shore, sipping a cool drink plus just enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet? That’s what I live for! However, it’s not always a trip to paradise when I go to the beach, sometimes, there’s too many people around here. Oher times, there’s too many pests! The worst of all though is when I forget to pack sunscreen, as I guess I’ll have to chop our visit short! The beach I go to has no food stores for miles, so I usually must pack up plus leave after an hour or 2 on the shore. The last time I took a trip, I was so sunburnt from trying to stay longer than I knew I should, plus I wound up having to stay indoors for mornings and hover under a single of the vents for our HVAC duct at home! I had the undefined system blasting ice cold air down on our sunburnt skin, as I lathered in cucumber plus aloe lotion to relieve the pain and itch that came with our serious dead skin! I was so thankful for our excellent air conditioner, as I would’ve had to sit in our bathtub with a ton of chilly chilly water to soak in. Even if I weren’t sunburnt from that visit, excellent air conditioner systems are a non-negotiable element of southern lifestyle. Can you even imagine trying to prefer a Sunday off from work, while hundred-degree uneven temperatures and toasty sun are cooking everything outside? You’d be miserable if you thought you could get through a afternoon savor that with just a cool misting humidifier, or a single box fan. I’ve got buddies of mine that come from up North to visit me down here from time to time, plus they’re always shocked by how hot it gets here. The same can be said for when I go up there to visit them, but I still love seeing them run indoors to sit under the vents, just so the chilled air from our air conditioner system can cool them off. This life isn’t for just anyone, that’s obvious.

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