AC in our cabin

I have always liked the outdoors, however I’ve never honestly went camping before.  My family grew up on 300 acres of wooded land so all of us always felt like all of us were in the outdoors the minute all of us opened the door to head out.  I never felt a big time urge to pitch open a tent out on our property somewhere just to get the sort of outdoor “experience” that is so often the subject of movie and television shows.  With that said, I had the chance to visit a condo owned by our Grandparents on several options as a kid. The condo was a single room with two bunk beds on a single end and a living room area on the other.  In the middle was a medium sized table and off to the sides were many chairs, couches, desks, gun racks, fishing boxes, and other random junk. There was electricity however no running water and no air conditioning of any kind.  I can still recall my trips there when I was honestly young fondly, and to the best of our ability to remember, I never had many concerns with the lack of AC, even in the summer time months. With this in our head, I booked a two week stay at a mountain resort where you can stay in a private condo much like the one my Grandparents owned.  The property manager warned me about the lack of air conditioning in the cabins since my vacation was scheduled for late June. I figured that if I could tough it out like this when I was as a kid, I could do it again with no hesitation. I have never been so wrong about something in our entire life. Maybe it was the lack of any available breeze or the fact that the humidity was in the high 80’s, however our vacation in the condo was a blisteringly warm disaster.  The ceiling fan did little to help me sleep at evening as I drowned in a pool of my own sweat. I won’t ever be booking a stay in a place with no air conditioning again, no matter how outstanding the price is.