AC just gets in the way

When I first saw the show on TV, the idea was presented that buying houses to flip them was an easy way to make a living! Not that is wouldn’t be much work, because I knew there would be a ton of repairs needing to be done. I meant easy in terms of risk being low and return being high, and that I could certainly reclaim the money I sunk into the project. You have to buy the house first, then more cash goes into repairing and fixing it up, so the final sale price needs to be immense to offset the currency invested into it! On my really first house purchase, I ran into some pretty big troubles involving a/c, as well as it is making me rethink the whole venture. I can task with plumbing, as well as I can task with electrical grids, but one things I have no experience with his Heating & A/C systems. Air conditioners as well as gas furnaces are all surprisingly complicated, and I haven’t done much work on them in the past. I shopped around to numerous different Heating & A/C dealers, but the prices were all a little too high for me. I decided to post a task notice online, as well as offer a few hundred bucks to any freelance AC repair professional who could get this method up as well as running again. I got a response within a day, which actually came from one of the dealers I had talked to before. The guy did all the AC work for me under the table, and I got the AC running for half of what I was quoted.

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