Air purifier combats dust, bugs, and smells to create a healthier indoor environment

I live on a dirt road, and my house is surrounded by woods.  While I love the privacy and the quiet, I deal with lots of bugs and dust.  Because of the four distinct seasons, I also struggle with heat, humidity, severe cold, and tons of snow.  By necessity, I’ve invested in a top quality heating and cooling system to provide efficient and effective year round temperature control.  The central air conditioner and gas furnace are capable of maintaining perfect temperature, no matter what the weather brings. Although the system circulates and filters the air, contaminants are still a concern.  Bugs are always finding their way into the house, and pesticides, cleaning products, cooking and humidity all negatively impact indoor air quality. I’ve found that the heating and cooling equipment brings in air pollutants through the ductwork.  Hoping to create a cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable indoor environment, I’ve invested in a whole-home air purifier. The air purifier is a compact piece of equipment which installed right into the existing HVAC equipment. It runs 24/7, filtering and cleaning the air as it passes through the furnace or air conditioner.  The air purifier traps contaminants which are far smaller than a grain of beach sand. It kills 95% of bacteria, fungi, viruses, mold and mildew. The air purifier makes very little noise, and with annual maintenance, provides dependable operation. Since installing the air purifier, I’ve noticed that my house smells better, feels better, and I no longer need to dust or vacuum as often.  It even keeps the heating and cooling systems cleaner, minimizing the chance of malfunction.

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