Air purifier for my roommate

My roommate began smoking in the house. The instant I leave for work, I know he is smoking. The whole house smells of cigarettes. I am concerned about the walls discoloring, the curtains getting stains and second hand smoke. I do not smoke, so I do not want to get lung cancer from his second hand smoke. I have attempted to get my roommate to smoke outdoors, and he tells me he is. Rather than getting in a fight over a cigarette, I think I am going to purchase an air purifier. An air purification system gets rid of contaminants for the home’s indoor air quality. The air purification system is excellent for allergy sufferers and for people who want to be healthy like myself. I found that the air purifier that I want is compatible with our current HVAC unit. As the heater or air conditioning unit turns on, the air purifier will work with it. So even if the cigarette fumes get drawn up into the HVAC, the air cleaner will get rid of the smell before I get home from my job. This will stop the smells and the possible health risks for me. I have found air purifiers online as low as fifty bucks and as pricey as 300 dollars. The one I want will cost me about 150 dollars. I want my roommate to pay half of this. He is the reason I have to buy this air purification device. He should totally have to give me a few bucks towards it. I am not thinking he will agree though.

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