Animal shelter loses heat

I was working the phones for a small HVAC company during the one of our busy seasons. Whenever people go from cooling to heat or heating to cooling, things seem to break down. This fall season seemed especially busy because we were getting winter blizzards and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet. When I got yet another call about a business without any heat I told them it would be a few days. I made a light comment about all of the dogs barking in the background and the caller informed me that they were a no-kill animal shelter. When I told my boss about the call, he said he would go to the shelter himself immediately. Neither of us wanted to think of all those poor animal freezing in the cold. He told me that when he got there, the staff and volunteers had pets under their coats trying to keep them warm. They had one space heater for the bigger dogs but everyone was cold and uncomfortable. Thankfully, the furnace was a quick fix and he was able to warm the place up in no time. While he was telling me this I saw some movement under his jacket. He then reached in a pulled out a small mutt of a dog. He said, “Meet Scruffy, the newest member of our heating and cooling team”. I was so excited. This was easily the best day at work I had ever had. The boss also made a note in the animal shelter’s file that they are to receive all repairs at cost, meaning our company won’t make a profit off of them.

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