Area towards the boiler

Student teaching was the pits. First, teaching full time for free was just not right. Second, my partner teachers were condescending and not all that cooperative. Lastly, the environment conditions were horrible. I had two spots for my final year of college. My one placement had me in a classroom that was closer to the boiler system than any other. The boiler would turn on faithfully, early in the day. The classroom would turn into a sauna and would stay hot all day long. The kids and teachers would sweat. The room got to be so hot that sometimes we would be forced to open the windows. The snow would actually blow on the kids closest to the window. It was over the top heating for our room. But, it is not like we could adjust the boiler via a thermostat. The boiler could not cater to each classrooms heating needs, as it ran on a central thermostat. My second moved me to the farthest room from the boiler. The room I was in was perpetually chilly. The heater was set to a delay start. The heat would not reaches until around lunch time. Then, the heater would shut down just a couple hours later. The class would be a winter wonderland by the time the kids left. As a teacher, of course we had to stay later. Our room would feel like the outside by the end of the day. I really hated teaching after those two placements.

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