Automatic operation

After grad school, I thought I would find a prestigious career working for google or Amazon.  I worked every day through four years of school to receive a degree in software programming. Most of the tasks in our section are actually working on building automation projects.  In this day and age most commercial contractor are going to automated systems that handle plumbing, electrical systems, as well as HVAC systems. For the past 2 years, I have been only working on the software for a systems plan application. The software would incorporate the outdoor as well as indoor sensors of the building automation system!  By using the solar sensors to tell the outdoor time, our software will then be able to activate the air quality system. The solar sensor will tell the building management unit to shut down the indoor HVAC system. Whether it’s the heat, the air conditioner or the ventilation unit, our software code will entirely allow all of these systems to work hand in hand with each other. I’ve been carefully working on the project for sometime now and we are finally starting to get somewhere. I think our next breakthrough is just right around the corner and I’m proud to be on this team. I never thought I could wind up actually working on this type of software coding, but I am sure these building management units are going to help hold down costs across the board. Once this project has been completed, it’s going to be fantastic to add to our resumes.  If I choose to search out a certain type of software work, I will have plenty of experience to point to.

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