Better patio furniture would be awesome

I will be travelling to a chilly foreign country with my mom, who I have warned often about the cold yet doesn’t seem to believe me. She’s still trying to pack warm weather clothes like t-shirts and shorts, even though I told her that she’ll need warmer clothing. The country is notoriously cold and icy, so I will be wearing long sleeves and pants with hiking gear. My mom doesn’t believe that it’s usually grey-skied and windy there most of the year, and that there is no A/C in the entire country. It’s not necessary when the temperature is in the forties most of the year, and never gets higher than sixty. Most everywhere in the country is concerned more with heating. The hotel all have separate gas furnaces that only increase the temperature in the room, and restaurants there have their own way of circulating heated air.  Even our rental car is heat only. I think my mom envisions warm afternoons where A/C would be required, but having been there before, I know better. But then again, she may turn out to be the only smart one who is comfortable everywhere with all the heating available. She just won’t want to be outside where it’s cold!

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