Building automation and HVAC

I care about making improvements around the house.  Since buying the house, many years ago, I’ve remodeled every room.  I’ve painted, installed windows, put down new floors, and replaced light fixtures.  I’ve sanded down the wood moldings and even varnished them, built a deck on the back of the house, and also paved the driveway.  I’ve replaced the heater, air conditioner,boiling water heating system and all the family room appliances. Since I’ve nearly run out of projects to take on, I started looking into ways to make my apartment more efficient and easier to manage.  I did some research and discovered apartment automation systems. I hadn’t realized that this type of advanced technology was affordable. My local HVAC company gave the design and installation of the automation system. It connects all the appliances and systems in the apartment to a regular control and provides wireless accessibility.  From my smartphone, I can now program and make adjustments to heating, cooling system, humidity levels, lighting and door locks. I get notifications if the oil furnace, air conditioner, washing component or dryer need service. A security camera provides real time footage by showing me who’s at my front door, and sends alerts about movement or an open window.  I remain in touch with all the important systems, even when I’m away from home. I no longer waste energy by running the oil furnace or air conditioner, when the apartment is empty. I can also turn the lights on and off from my smartphone. The apartment automation system has improved comfort, convenience, safety plus the overall management of everyday tasks. I’ve saved quite a bit of money off my energy bills.

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