Ceiling fans are not worth it

I know that ceiling fans are supposed to be a good thing for your home.  I have been told many times how they can help to cool the house. Like, DUH!  It saves on the energy bills when you use the ceiling fans for a bit extra cooling power, and then you are able to turn the thermostat up for the air conditioning.  I also know that the ceiling fan can help with the heating. If you climb a small ladder, you can tell that a lot of your heating is at ceiling level. The ceiling fan can push the heat from the ceiling to the floor, which aids the furnace and helps it to do its job.  Ceiling fans are a good tool in addition to the HVAC system. My problem is that they are dirty. There is so much dust in the house, and it seems attracted to the fan blades. No matter how often I clean them, they still end up looking like dust magnets. Turn them off for a while, and you can see the black that gathers all around the edges of the fan blades.  You can’t tell me that that is not gross. When you turn the fan back on, all of that dirt and dust flies off the fan blades and lands on the surfaces in your house. That dirt would be on the counters where you cook, if the ceiling fan is in the kitchen. Someone needs to invent a self cleaning fan. Maybe they need to invent fan blades that can’t be an attractant to dirt and dust.  Maybe we need a ceiling fan that can be lowered so that we aren’t stretching our guts out to clean them.

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