Change out the HVAC filters when needed

An elderly neighbor of ours lives alone so we help her as we can. The other day she called and said that there was a real bad racket coming from the attic and wanted to have it checked out. Upon investigation my wife found that the vent on the roof had blown off during the last storm we had here and that every single one of us had a lot of hidden damage.  At first she just assumed that it was the wind blowing into the heating as well as cooling duct but soon found that birds had gotten into it and they were setting up house inside of it, however not wanting to harm them she went up in the attic and attempted to scare them out by tapping on the heating as well as the cooling duct to create a noise they wouldn’t like; Anytime critters, of any kind, get into the heating as well as the cooling systems HVAC duct it can cause immense serious concerns.  Dirt and dander from them can cause your air filter to become blocked and if by some chance they get stuck and die inside of there, it can cause a stench that you just can’t get rid of no matter how much you even try to. Thankfully my wife was able to get them out and replaced the air vent covering. If you have someone who lives alone near you be sure and check with them, especially following any sort of storm. You never will have any kind of an idea what so ever if they need help unless you ask and you could be saving them from serious harm.

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