Changing everything

I never legitimately thought about getting my HVAC duct cleaned! During my last HVAC tune up, it was mentioned to me by the HVAC worker. So, I decided to schedule a proper HVAC duct cleaning with my Heating & A/C dealer a few weeks later, but when they came to clean the HVAC duct, they had the coolest looking vacuum tools. I suppose they were designed for that exact purpose to carefully clean the HVAC duct. I thought it was totally awesome that they provided me with before and after pictures of the cleaning. I was totally shocked at how dirty the HVAC duct was before I had it cleaned officially. It was entirely plugged up pretty awful inside the HVAC duct with dirt and grime; The Heating & A/C specialist suggested that I have this done every other month to keep the Heating & A/C running as efficiently as possible. They said that would in turn allow for the energy bills to be a lot lower. I knew that somewhere I could save would be a good thing, however after I had my Heating & A/C running for awhile after the HVAC duct was cleaned out, I realized they were legitimately and totally right about the savings, then my energy bills entirely lowered a bunch by a good amount since my HVAC duct was cleaned. I could legitimately tell that the Heating & A/C system was running a lot more smoothly and I even observed the air quality was improved quite a bit. I legitimately will be getting my HVAC duct cleaned officially from now on, it is well worth the effort, trust me.