Cheap A/C breaks down

When I went away for college I rented a little room about a mile from campus. The rent was cheap but the home did not have a lot of modern amenities. For example, it did not have heating or air conditioning except for a few window units and space heaters here and there. When I asked about getting a window air conditioner for my room, the landlord said I was welcome to do so but that I had to pay for it. I found a cheap window A/C at a bargain store and installed it myself. It worked ok until the first big storm that we had. It rained really hard for about three days and my air conditioner kept right on working. But then, as soon as it stopped raining, my air conditioner stopped working. It just would not turn on. My friend, who was going to school to become an electrician, came over and took a look at my A/C. She told me that it had completely rusted out inside and that all of the electrical cords were fused to each other and to the frame of the A/C. She also said that this is not uncommon for cheap, non name brand models. There was nothing she could do to fix it. I guess that’s what I get for trying to save money. Now I have to save up a bit to afford a “real” air conditioner that is made to withstand the elements. Oh well, Live and learn I guess. I’m just now sure how I will survive the next few weeks or months without air conditioning.

a/c serviceman