Cheap Apartment

When I first moved out on my own, I was barely making a living wage.  I tried to save wherever possible. That first year, I moved into a really cheap apartment.  I didn’t care that it was a rundown apartment. I just cared that I was able to afford living on my own and was learning to be independent.  I didn’t think it through much; I just signed the lease for the apartment and moved myself in. Slowly, things started to break down in the apartment.  The first issue I had was that the stove stopped working. The landlord fixed that pretty quickly. Then, the water wasn’t coming out hot anymore. I was showering in cold water.  The landlord took a week to fix that. The worst problem I had was when the air conditioner stopped working. It shut down in the middle of a hot summer day. I called my landlord immediately.  I left five voicemails for him. It took him five days to return my calls. Then, it took three weeks to fix my air conditioner. I was dying during those three weeks. It was the hottest few weeks of my life.  I quickly realized that moving into a cheap apartment meant I wouldn’t have the best landlord and I wouldn’t have the best appliances. I should’ve looked into the apartment a bit more before moving into it. I learned my lesson.  I moved out as soon as my lease ended. I found a better apartment and with a much better landlord. I haven’t had any problems in this new place thankfully!

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