Checking that thermostat

My neighbour is in the real estate business. I am not particularly interested in that type of thing but she seems to be making good money from it. Like with most jobs, being a realtor has its challenges. It can be frustrating when a potential customer decides to change his mind about purchasing a property, after the agent has wasted many hours showing him properties Similar to that is when a homeowner changes his mind about selling his house, after the realtor spent weeks finding a buyer.

             One of the largest problem my neighbour faces is touting a house with an old or non-functioning HVAC unit. That is why most realtors love to sell new houses equipped with the best in HVAC technology. Few clients can afford those high priced homes, so it’s back to cheaper properties with less than perfect HVAC machines. My neighbour has formed a partnership of sorts with one of the HVAC providers in her town. She brings him in to do a free assessment of the A/C units in the houses she sells and in turn, the provider gets the contract to do the necessary repairs! Usually, the new homeowner will also call on the same company to do future HVAC servicing and tuning.

              In some cases the HVAC units are so messed up that they have to be substituted. In others, depending on the age, a fantastic repair job does the trick.; And even though selling houses can be frustrating, when the realtor does make a sale, the commission he/she collects is quite big..

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