Cooling for our meal

Cooking deep fried foods in the intense heat in the back of a food truck is not how I pictured my life turning out. Once upon a time I desired to be a police officer, or a mentor, but those afternoons are in the past. Through one circumstance or another, my life ended up not going in the direction I wanted, plus now here I am. I do enjoy my coworkers, plus I adore the neighborhood where we do business, but the actual task on the food truck is totally unbearable most of the time. Standing over a deep fryer for a long period of time is terrible for your skin, plus the heating put out by the oven makes me lightheaded rather often. I have asked time plus time again for A/C equipment of some kind to be installed in the truck, but it never happens. I believe I understand why, because there is so much heat being pushed out by cooking that no a/c equipment on earth could entirely stand up to it. Why spend the money on A/C equipment if the lot of us won’t even be able to feel it? That makes sense to me, sure, but while I am dripping with sweat for all that time, all I can do is dream about being in the comfort of some powerful A/C equipment. The funny thing is I don’t even have A/C equipment at my own apartment right now, because I don’t need it. After being in the truck for such a long period of time, simply stepping out of the oppressive heat for a short while is A/C enough for me.