Dehumidifier helps us with heat

In the summer, the weather around here can be awful. It seems like summer last for eight months, instead of three. We have eight months of grueling heat and humidity, with barely any respite from the heat. I’ve lived here my whole life, but I still detest the heat thirty years later. I tried to talk my wife into moving out of the state, but she loves the palm trees and warm ocean air. One of her favorite activities is spending the day snorkeling on the clear, spring fed rivers. I must admit, I’ve grown fond of the adventure over these years, also. We’ve enjoyed a few outdoor adventures, courtesy of the beautiful reefs and caves in the area. Last summer, the humidity was stifling. Every day was above 80% humidity for weeks in a row. We barely had any rain for an entire month. The A/C was getting quite a workout. By the end of the June, we were miserable with the humidity in the house. The A/C wasn’t helping with the humidity at all. My coworker suggested that we buy a dehumidifier for the house. I told her that I wasn’t full of money, and she said they were affordable online or in the store. I started to perform some research, and I found out that she was 100% correct. I purchased a dehumidifier that fits into the window. It looks a bit like a window A/C unit, except it removes the excess moisture from our home. Over the next few months, we were really impressed with the results. The dehumidifier works so well that we were using our A/C less frequently.

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