Different types of heating options

I would love to think that I’m a health conscious person. I run more than seven miles a week, lift weights numerous mornings a week, plus my diet is rather lean plus clean. As far as diet plus exercise go, I’m absolutely one of the healthier people you’d run into! However, the healthy habits stop at how I treat my own body. I live in a fairly crowded apartment complex in the city, plus the only form of air conditioning device I have comes from a window device mounted at the front of my apartment. For heat, I don’t have a fireplace, furnace or boiler, although I do have a thin radiator that might as well be disconnected altogether! It’s difficult to get through a cold winter in this apartment, as I’ve been tempted to actually start a bonfire in my dining room just to get heated up! Of course, that would destroy the already exhausting air quality I have in my apartment! To be fair, that’s mostly due to the air pollution surrounding myself and others in the downtown district, but the property management could easily take a few steps to improve the air quality around here. For starters, having an air purification system in each apartment would work wonders for improving the quality of the air! UV air purifiers are especially excellent at cleansing the air of odor-causing pollutants plus bacteria that can easily spread sickness. If the property managers don’t wish to install a UV air purifier in each unit, then I’ll be tempted to invest in a really nice one myself. I’ll just have to make sure I take it with me when it’s time to move someplace else!