Disgusting cooling unit

I hate when I have to travel for work… It’s the one spot of our life that I hate the most. I have a woman plus several boys at home. I do not like to be away from them absolutely often, and sadly, I find myself traveling at least once each few weeks; Last month was easily the final countdown. I was sent to the north, to get some contracts taken care of by a potential buyer, and the area was run-down, plus I was made to stay in the only local hotel business. The hotel business was absolutely 80 years old, plus most of the fixtures all seemed to be the same age. I was worried to sleep on the bed, plus I did not even pull down the covers. The worst aspect was the ac system. I was scared to use the a/c system, because there was a orange sticky goo oozing out of the dial. I wanted to talk to this to the manager, but the manager creeped me out. I was only in city for one night, plus I was determined to make the best of it. I used a cloth to remove some gunk plus turn on the ac system. It sounded like a freight train was driving through the room, and at least I could feel frosty air coming out of the cooling device vents. I slept in our clothes, in a couch. I propped our feet up on the sheets, plus covered my own pant legs with our socks.

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