Doing HVAC installation projects

During the week, I am incredibly swamped with HVAC replacement and installation projects; this is because our company handles roughly 90% of the HVAC jobs in our area, and many small companies use our services so that they don’t need to staff as many employees of their own; so we work on a contractor basis. We offer our own HVAC services as well, but because we are still new, we can’t be spending thousands of dollars on advertising to try to get our own jobs. Just a few weeks ago, another HVAC supplier hired us to perform replacements and installations during the month of December. They had tons of employees busy for vacations, so we were there to cover any gaps. The first two weeks of the month were slammed with jobs. We installed fifteen oil furnaces, including a geothermal heat pump as well as radiant flooring. Last week, we unfortunately ran into some trouble. Several of us were supposed to be install a new heat pump as well as a new air conditioning unit at 9 A.M., but we lost our brakes in our work truck on our way to the appointment. We didn’t realize the problem until we were on a downhill slope on a bridge – luckily everyone was safe and there were no traffic accidents. However, we did have the call the HVAC supplier who hired us and reschedule the appointment. They and the customer were quite angry at the situation and at us. We spend the entire rest of the morning at the repair shop waiting for the truck to be repaired. We unfortunately ended up losing over a thousand dollars in jobs that day, in addition to our biggest contractor being angry at us. We don’t ever have problematic occurrences like this, but it still makes us look bad to the company that hired us.

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