Don’t want to deal with broken HVAC

The last thing I want to do on my weekends off is to deal with stuff breaking around the house. Isn’t that just how it is though? That whole Murphy’s Law concept is real, I swear. So here I am on Friday afternoon, getting ready to settle in for a night of binge TV watching and pizza, when I notice the air in the house isn’t on. In fact, the house seems downright stuffy. Of course, my first instinct is to go over to the thermostat panel on the wall and check out the readings. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary, so I decide first to try re-running the program. I am thinking that maybe the air conditioning just shut off randomly for some reason. Maybe if I just turn it back on everything will go back to normal and I can go on enjoying my night… Oh how badly I want this to be true… But of course, that just isn’t going to happen for me. I realize something must be going on with the HVAC system. By this time of day, the heating and cooling company I use will be closed, so I can’t even call to set up an appointment until the morning. Lucky me gets to spend the rest of the day installing the spare window A/C units instead of enjoying my night. It is things like this that make me look back fondly on renting. As a homeowner, I’m responsible for every little thing that goes wrong in the house. I have to drop everything to deal with problems. As a renter, I didn’t have that stress. I’m not saying I would go back, but I do miss the simpler times on occasion.

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