Ductless HVAC

Last weekend, some close friends of my wife and I had invited us over for brunch and a few drinks–the four of us all schedule get-togethers a couple weekends a month and play board games or watch films and sports. This has always been a long standing repeated thing for the bunch of us, and my wife and I usually always have a fun time with our friends.  More so, during the winter season weeks, it can get pretty freezing outside where we live, so planning things to do in the warm comfort indoors is the main focus. The four of us all live in an older area of our city, so the houses on our street all have an antique charm and feel to them. Given how old our houses, our two friends scheduled to have their gas heating system replaced earlier this year before the winter season fully set in. Their old propane gas furnace had been pretty reliable for the longest time, but earlier in the year when they had their heating specialist out to maintenance, the system just wouldn’t light–no matter what they tried, they couldn’t get the heater to fire up. They could get the pilot light to stay lit, but there was absolutely no gas flow to any of the burners, so our friends decided it was definitely time to get an up-to-date gas heating system and scheduled to have it installed several weeks later.  Well, it sure is a good thing that they were proactive in fixing the old gas heating system, because the month after they replaced it, we got an unexpected freezing snap that brought the temperature down into the twenties while in the afternoon, and almost down in the single digits at night. Winter season was here early and thankfully our friends will be able to keep hot and cozy with their new gas furnace.

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