Ductwork is an energy waster

Ductwork really is an energy waster. A ton of forced air systems are causing homeowners to lose tons of money each year. The reason is that the ductwork just does not have it together. Air ducts are eight inch piping that is set up in the walls and ceiling on the home. The ductwork spans the whole house and has opening in each room. The room’s air vent then releases the heating or cooling. The ductwork is how the whole house can be one centralized temperature. In theory, ductwork sounds super helpful and like it should work. However, ductwork is just not as tough as it should be. Frequently the ductwork will get a crack or leak in it. So when the AC is on, the hot air from outside is leaking into the air ducts. The air conditioning then is not as effective as it could be since the outdoor air is polluting it. In the Winter, if the crack allows the heated air to flow outside and the cold air to come inside, the heater is working double time. The heating system will never reach the desired temperature on the thermostat. It will essentially wreck the HVAC system when there is a leak in the ductwork. It is hard to see the leaks and patch them too. HVAC contractors can perform ductwork sealing. But, did you know that most of the time duct sealing causes more cracks? You have to be careful, especially around the seams. It is really easy to cause a ductwork issue that costs a ton of money.

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