Dust mites don’t not like dry air quality

Have you ever seen a picture of a dust mite? Dust mites look like something out of a horror movie. They look like a creepy, meaner version of a spider. Dust mites can get into your home and totally infect every area. They can get in your furniture, your rug, curtains and bed linens. The dust mites then breed and expand everywhere. Have you ever cleaned up balls of gross stuff like hair and dirt in your home? Yeah, dust mites are most likely mixed in. They are microscopic to the eye, but they are there. Even if you can’t see them, they are there and infecting your home. Because dust mites creep me out, I have taken all the preventative measures I am able to. I make sure everything in my home is super clean. I also ensure that my air quality is perfect. Moist and warm indoor air quality makes for more dust mites. So I use my dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air quality in the Summer. I don’t allow the humidity to get inside and allow dust mites to grow. I also pair my cooling system with the dehumidifier. Both of these devices naturally dry out the air quality. The air conditioning works wonders for removing more than just dust mites too. I can get rid of the chances of mold, and other bacteria too. In the Winter, I don’t need to worry as much. A furnace also naturally dries out the air quality. The outdoor air is not humid either. So the air that leaks in the home also helps me on my quest to remove dust mites.

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