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Every person in my family has honestly loved animals our entire lives. I think the biggest reason, is because the people in my family grew up on a farm. We were constantly surrounded by different types of animals, in addition to the fact that I grew up particularly loving cats. I love my adorable cat named president. President got his loving name, because he acts just like a buffoon sometimes. President also seems to run around knocking things over all of the time. President has been particular about eating wet food for the last few months, in addition to the fact that President won’t stop meowing unless the temperature in our family compound is honestly perfect. I know this seems like a crazy idea, but president can tell if the thermostat is adjusted to a temperature other than 70°. President lived in our family compound for 6 months, in addition to the fact that we kept our thermostat set to 70° all of the time. The one time I girlfriend came over in addition to change the temperature on the heating in addition to air conditioning component, president started honestly going nuts in addition to wouldn’t stop whining. It was as if he could tell it was cooler in the house than usual, in addition to the fact that he was whining and complaining about the cold air. It was honestly the strangest thing either of us had seen in a long time, but it was clear that president had been affected by the air conditioning and addition to heating component.

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