Games and no heating/air

For our son’s birthday, we decided to take him to this locale that had a bunch of bounce houses. The locale was legitimately something to behold, and the bounce houses were rather impressive to see, let alone partake in! They even had a bounce house that was basically a jousting set up where you could just take shots at each other and knock each other off platforms! There was also a cool rock climbing wall, and my son couldn’t wait to try it out. There were also a bunch of arcade games and such and the ladies were legitimately having a fabulous time for awhile just sipping drinks at the bar. That’s when something changed in the air quality out of nowhere! We came to find that the climate control plan in the locale had broken, and it started legitimately overheating in the arena. We had a wonderful time for about an hour and a half, but then this happened! How lame. It was becoming rather unbearable for the group of us to even jump in the bounce houses any longer! We decided to just gather up everyone, and sing “Happy Birthday“ before we left! We had the drinks with the ice, and that was the only thing keeping us from feeling sick due to the heat exhaustion! The staff apologized extensively for the failure of the Heating and A/C system. They had a bunch of stationary fans going, but that didn’t do much. While that was at least better than nothing, we knew that we couldn’t stay there for much longer, so we vacated and went to a nearby ice cream parlor! My son was just as content there as he was at the bounce house arena, so I think he’s much happier with ice cream.

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