Getting a lot of help

Now that I am living alone again, I didn’t think that I needed a home with four bedrooms.  I made the decision to purchase a home that only had two bedrooms. I could take the master bedroom and the smaller bedroom was to be the guest room.  I talked to a custom furniture builder about have a custom furniture built for my guest room. I also talked to their interior decorator about fabric and wall coverings.  I wanted everything to match and yet be contrasting. I also had a small alcove in the spare bedroom that I thought was going to be useless space, but they were able to build a small cabinet that fit the space, perfectly.  All of the furniture was built onsite, and I was amazed at the beautiful hardwood they used without any pressed wood or particle board ever coming out. I had looked into the furniture showrooms, but nothing suited me. I wanted something different and I wanted it to be unique.  I wanted to offer my guests a breezy ocean fell that would create a lighthearted and carefree atmosphere. I have pillows, window coverings and bedding being made to fill the room and make it perfect. I am so excited to be able to finally be able to pick out the swatches that will be what is used in the draperies.  I want all of my guests to feel like they have spent a night at home and not feel like they are guests. I hope no one feels like they can’t visit me at my new home.

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