Happy with the new HVAC

My mom and dad have lived in the same home for the last eighteen years, but it’s been at least fifteen years since they installed a new Heating or A/C unit.  Over the course of the last year, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the indoor air quality. My husband and I visit every Sunday, to have dinner and watch a movie with my parents.  The last several Sundays have been a bit uncomfortable, because the temperature outside is growing warmer. Since Spring arrived, the we’ve experienced a record number of super hot days. A lot of folks would point the finger at global warming, but I’m not convinced that is the problem. Last Sunday, my husband and I went to my mom and dad’s for our weekly dinner and movie.  My mom made baked chicken and homemade pie, with baked potatoes french bread and sweet rolls. My mom had been running the oven for most of the evening. By the time the two of us arrived for dinner, mom and dad’s house was overheated and humid. The indoor air felt moist and clammy. Even after I complained and my dad turned down the thermostat and turned up the air conditioning, the indoor conditions were still uncomfortable. I recommended to my mom and dad that they replace the air conditioner. My mom informed me that they talked had been talking about it.  They had already met with an HVAC contractor for an estimate. The technician performed an evaluation on the existing Heating and A/C equipment. I was surprised that my parents didn’t wait for the ancient Heating and cooling unit to completely fail. I hope my mom and dad will spend a little extra money for a more energy efficient and quality Heating and cooling system. It will reduce their monthly bills, improve the health of the home and provide superior comfort throughout the year.

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