Having to clean their HVAC unit

My fiance works as a professional cleaner–she works for this small local business that cleans people’s houses. The task from what she tells me is easily interesting plus can get a little gross at times. She meets all kinds of people. She cleans things from the easiest dealt with, to total disgusting filth in rental houses that have been trashed by the old tenants. The 1 thing she gets to experience is the unusual kinds of heating plus cooling people have in their homes. One hour she could be in a home cleaning the venue with the most lovely air quality, heating or air conditioning. The next visit she could be in an apartment complex with the most awful almost sick smelling plus feeling air quality with horrible heating or air conditioning. One thing my fiance l discovered while cleaning this 1 extravagant current home with her work team, was something called radiant floors. The whole concept of radiant floors from what she was told by the homeowner, was the radiant floors are controlled from your respected temperature control component as part of the heating plus cooling system. They come in handy for heating the home in the frosty winters, and save you tons on your utility bills. She also explained that it has something to do with running hot water pipes under the floors. It sounds like a lot of work plus easily complicated to be honest! My fiance’s task is never boring, to say the least! I don’t believe she and I would ever be able to afford something love these radiant floors she found out about.