Hoping he would adjust the thermostat

For a long period of time, my fiance would never let us get anything done to improve our dwelling. Well, I suppose recently he was just so sick of myself and others bothering him about particular things, he just said to do whatever I wanted. Well, he entirely shouldn’t have said that because I knew what I wanted to do! The thing that I wanted to do the most was get a new Heating & A/C appliance for the property! He entirely was out of town for business for awhile so he couldn’t be there to stop me from getting things taken care of! I reached out to the Heating & A/C dealer & had everything I wanted installed. When my fiance finally came back to our dwelling after his dealer trip, he wanted to know what I had done. He mentioned how the floor felt a lot warmer than normal, and then I told him that was radiant heated floors. He was absolutely shocked & immediately was wondering how much that cost us. I explained that it was a little bit pricey, but the energy savings would reclaim the cost of installation soon enough. I asked him if he wanted to modify the temperature control & he said “sure.” I gave him my cellphone & told him he could adjust it on there. I told him he could also install the app for the temperature control on his cellphone also & he could control the Heating & A/C appliance from virtually anywhere! Even though he seemed a little miserable at first that I had a whole new heating appliance in our house, he entirely seemed impressed by the smart temperature control & the radiant floors. Honestly, I have never seen him so cheerful in the morning when he jumped out of the shower. I figure it was because he wasn’t being tortured by the freezing tiles early in the morning.

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