Hotel room ac with my mother

My mom and some of my friends went to an old concert in the Festival City. It was supposed to be one of several occasions when we would genuinely be able to get away from the kids and enjoy ourselves. My mom had planned the entire vacation, and we had genuinely decided to stay in and older in, overnight. It was going to be a pretty great experience, and the people I was with and myself were genuinely excited for the concert series. The people I was with him myself genuinely loved seeing all of the performers, and it was genuinely a great time for Everyone. By the time it was arriving back to our Inn, the people I was with and myself were tired, exhausted, and very overheated. We had spent all day out in the heat, without any A/C whatsoever. The people and myself turned on the A/C thermostat, and decided to set the plan to 68°. Everyone legitimately agreed on the temperature, and things were starting to cool down. When my mom walked out of the shower, she legitimately had a pretty large scowl on her face and started complaining about the thermostat temperature. The people I was with and myself were too tired to argue with our mom about the A/C settings. We decided to give up and let her set the A/C wherever she wanted. She chose 72 degrees, which still kept us cool and comfortable. At least she didn’t turn off the A/C all together, because then we would have needed to get a separate room.

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