Humidistat helps grandparents stay comfortable

When my grandmother finally retired from running her own business, she decided to build her dream home out in the country. While most folks get nitpicky about flooring or roomsizes or even the number of bathrooms, my grandmother was most concerned about the quality of her HVAC. She and my grandfather lived in the house their parents built after they were married in the 50’s. This house had a lot of issues, which my grandmother never bothered to upgrade, as the city wanted the property for a highway. One of the worst was the HVAC, which had only heating and no air conditioning. So, grandma’s forever home was only going to have the best of the best. The system she ended up designing for her house includes a wood burning fireplace on the main level, a wood burning stove in the finished basement, and oil furnace for overall central heating, and her pride and joy, the humidistat. I had never seen a humidistat before–I’ve always rented properties where I was just happy enough to have a programmable thermostat at the very best. The humidistat works to control the humidity in the air. It can actually add moisture as needed in the winter according to the level you want, just in the same way a little humidifier does. The humidistat works to control the moisture in the air for the entire house, which is a blessing for my grandmother as her skin has only gotten drier with age. I love going over to see her in the winter, because her house is even warmer because it’s so dry. My grandparents worked very hard for everything they have, and I’m so glad their forever home is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

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