HVAC ducts with insects

I don’t do well with rodents, and creatures like rats, mice, as well as hamsters give myself and others the heebies to the extreme. I do everything I can to keep the rodents out of my house, as well as nowhere near the outside of my apartment for that matter. That’s why I was easily terrified when I started hearing scratching, nosing, as well as squeaking noises coming from my air vents. I keep my apartment as clean as I can as well as take all manner of preventative maintenance, as well as yet somehow it would seem that rodents got into the home! And the filthy things were running around in the spaces where fresh, crisp air is blown into my home! It was enough to make myself and others ill, so I right away called out an Heating plus A/C company as well as a pest control guy. These guys were literally my saviors. I refused to even be inside the loft while they was dealing with the rodents, as I didn’t even want to see them. It’s a great thing as well, because there was a few of them, as well as they were big! The pest control guy allowed myself and others a pretty great price for the extermination. He even set up special devices to repel any more rodents for a usual added fee, which I cheerfully paid, then similarly, the Heating plus A/C company‚Äôs price was low in cost as well as he even did a bit of routine maintenance to some portions of my Heating plus A/C method that he noticed needed changing.