HVAC tech in site

One of the most amazing things in the world to witness is childbirth! I had a few false calls or what they refer to as “braxton hicks” before the real thing happened. When those came, they basically were false labor, and they would just send me home where I would wait for the right time. This last time was legitimately it! When we arrived to the hospital, there was something wrong instantly. The locale was incredibly overheated! This was legitimately concerning to me, but my husband was quickly demanding to know what was going on with their climate control system! He said it in such a way where the receptionists were startled, honestly, even though I know he was just legitimately concerned about me and the baby! We couldn’t just go to another hospital at that point. I was told to relax, as was my husband, because they had a Heating and A/C professional already working on the climate control system on the roof. Right as they said that, the climate control plan clicked back on, and the cooled air came rushing from the Heating and A/C vents across the lobby of the hospital. I was speechless, as my husband felt embarrassed for his outburst. The receptionist said, “See, there you go!” and smiled, as my husband gave her a thumbs up and apologized for his reaction. I was rushed to my room and then I waited to dilate fully. When our baby was born, I cried happy tears! He was so charming and handsome, and I was so thankful to have this addition to the family. The Heating and A/C professional who repaired the climate control plan in the hospital was also an all-star!