HVAC vents in the office

     There are times when people can be so inconsiderate! I was at work and I had to use the copy machine. As I was doing so, somebody was rushing along and wasn’t even paying attention to where they were going. They bumped into me while they were holding several cups of soda and they spilled a bunch of soda all over me! The soda ruined the paperwork I was dealing with so I was going to have to redo everything! I also had to attempt to dry off my clothes as much as possible in the bathroom.

              My shirt and pants were still wet for quite some time and I felt rather chilly because of it. I decided to go to the temperature control to crank up the heating a little bit so that I would be more comfortable. When the heat was flowing from the Heating and A/C vents, a some people were complaining that it was too hot. I didn’t care though, I was still mad that somebody spilled soda all over me and I wouldn’t have had to adjust the temperature control settings if it didn’t happen!

              Eventually somebody went back to the temperature control to turn it back down and then the cooling system engaged. This was bad and I was now feeling even colder than before. I decided to take my break a little early so I could run to the store to buy a new shirt and pants. It was nothing over the top, but I put on the new shirt and pants and left the wet clothes in my car. It was such a relief to not be wearing those terribly uncomfortable wet clothes any longer.