HVAC workman keeps talking

My mom wanted to play poker last weekend.   She invited my two sisters and I over for cake and coffee. While we were playing poker, the HVAC maintenance guy arrived. He was there to take care of the routine tune-up of the furnace. My mom had mentioned this particular guy before, because he has been handling all of the heating and air conditioning service for years. She had said  that he talks a lot. This was my sisters’ and my chance to see for ourselves. As soon as my mom answered the front door, the HVAC technician started to chatting about his family and latest vacation. My mom could not say a single word. The HVAC tech rambled on and on. He never stopped talking, even when he descended the basement stairs. My mom left the door open, and my sisters and I listened to the HVAC tech  talking to himself. He came back upstairs about 40 minutes later. We were still playing poker. He proceeded to talk to my mom for nearly an hour. I was fascinated with the conversation, because he had so much to say. After the HVAC tech finally left, we all started to laugh out loud. My mom was right about the HVAC technician. He might perform amazing service for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment, but I don’t think it’s worth it.  My mom gets stuck wasting a lot of her time just listening to him. He’s not even talking about her furnace or air conditioner, but telling her personal stuff.

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