I am a very lucky guy

When night time comes around, there’s nothing I savor more than snuggling deep under the covers & being all warm & cozy. In order to make that happen though, it needs to be on the cooler side to keep from dripping with sweat. Where I used to be, this was a bit of a challenge, especially while every one of us were in the summer season months. My roommate liked to keep the control unit up a little higher than I did while every one of us were in the nights, & our room didn’t come with a ceiling fan, so I had to find a way to compensate. For awhile, I couldn’t suppose of anything & was always suffering at night. I would even resort to sneaking out after our roommate went to bed & adjusting the control unit without his knowing, unfortunately, our roommate liked to go to bed later than I did, so that resolution proved to be a bit problematic from the get go. I finally decided that I had to make do without a thick blanket. Even though I loved being all snugly in bed under thick covers, I realized that was the only thing I could change in the situation of our discomfort. After coming to this conclusion, I had to suppose about the kind of blanket that would suffice. The only blankets I absolutely knew about were either throw blankets or comforters, so I was at a bit of a loss. I was shopping in a Target one afternoon & discovered that quilts existed. I didn’t suppose they absolutely made quilts for beds. The only time I had ever seen a quilt was on a TV show where someone’s Grandmother sewed one for decoration. It was the perfect solution to our problem. I didn’t need to worry about how low the a/c was. I could still snuggle up under the covers as much as I want, but the quilt wasn’t thick enough to cause any discomfort. It was a fantastic solution!

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