I can tell we have big problems

My boiler is an unstoppable beast that will probably never die.  DId you realize that a boiler with the right maintenance and care can last up to 80 or 90 years?   My boiler is probably in its late 50s or 60s now and sometimes needs a replacement but is otherwise ready to go whenever I need it.  It heats my whole house with no problem whatsoever. If I wanted to I could also heat my pool with it or even attach it to my water heater to warm my plumbing.  I could never do any of this though because I never want to lose it and be forced to buy a gas furnace. I had a perfect setup with this older HVAC repairman who knew everything there is to know about my boiler.  He came by a few times a year to oil and tighten it and make repairs and it was always good to go. Sadly, he is now retired and I can’t find anyone who can replace him that know my boiler. Apparently my boiler is so incredibly old that none of these new guys have any clue what to do with it. The model itself is not made anymore and neither are new parts, which leads me to believe boiler service is also a dying artform.  The few HVAC specialists that have any clue how to work on boilers have never worked on my model before. I don’t want to risk a full year without servicing my boiler so I need to find someone in heating and cooling that has worked on one before. There has to be someone near retirement who worked on these decades back.

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