I do a lot of online shopping

Jake and I live in a beautiful little down up North. Jake works full-time, so he is gone a lot while I stay at home and take care of the kids. I wish Jake could be home more, and I know he does too, but he simply can’t right now, and we both understand that. My younger brother, Luke, comes over to help take care of the house work that Jake would normally do. A couple weeks ago, Luke was over helping me fix a shelf in my pantry that had broken. We both noticed that the house felt a little cold, so I sent Luke downstairs to the basement to check and see if the furnace was on. It wasn’t. Luke didn’t know anything about furnaces, and Jake was on a business trip, so I had to call for a HVAC technician to come take a look at it. The next day, the man arrived and checked out our furnace. While he was trying to repair it, he broke one of my summer vases that I had sitting on a shelf in storage. It wasn’t a big deal although I have no idea why he was on the other side of the room in my storage area. After working on the furnace for over three hours, he came upstairs and told me that he would have to order a part and come back the next day to install it. He did just that, and the following day he came in and tracked mud all throughout my house. Not only that, but he also completely trashed my bathroom. I have never had such a poor experience with a HVAC technician in my life. Needless to say, I will never call that company again.