I don’t think we even need to pay taxes

I am getting ready to go away for a while.  Other than when I have been in the hospital, I have always had an issue with leaving my wife home alone.  I was uneasy even when I was in hospital, wondering if I was going to come home to an apartment that was still standing.  Going away on business, was causing my to have an anxiety attack. She prefers to BBQ when I’m not around. The last time she BBQ’ed, I had to keep the air conditioning on high, to clear the air, with all of the windows open, along with keeping the fans running.  She forgot to seal the windows, which left the smoke from the BBQ inside the condo, causing me to have trouble breathing. Without the air conditioning, I have a hard time breathing in the warm season. Because of my asthma, bad air quality and stress cause my lungs to close.  With the smoke coming into the condo, the air quality had truly been compromised. I keep telling her that she is going to burn the condo down someday. She never remembers to pull the BBQ away from the patio wall. She also goes downstairs to her girl cave in the basement, where it is always cool.  She never worries about the heat that is building in the rest of the house. One time, I came home from seeing my siblings and the condo was so hot it cause me to lose my breath. She said she hadn’t turned the air conditioning on yet that afternoon. She had been downstairs, where she doesn’t need the A/C and was surprised at how hot it was in the house. I am not eager to go on this next trip.

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