I finally heard from the owner

My grandfather died about nine years ago, however, my grandmother has been doing fine living on her own. Honestly, my wife and I were a little anxious about it, but she kept up with the house and the yard work. We had no real cause for concern. This all began to change a few months ago, when we noticed some things were not being kept up with. The first observation was the mailbox. Mail kept piling up. We asked her about it, by my grandmother was just really confused. At the point, we first broached the topic of her moving in with us, but my grandmother was too independent and thoroughly resisted the idea. My wife and I worried about her constantly, about whether or not she was safe and healthy. One morning, she called us explaining that she thought the furnace was on fire and there was smoke all through the house. I told her to get out of the house and I called the fire department. Then I called the neighbors and asked them to keep an eye on her. I sped over to my grandma, and the fire department had beat me there. They were looking for the furnace and grandma pointed it out to them. The firefighter came out carrying the slightly burnt looking toaster oven. He said that grandma thought it was the furnace. The actual furnace was completely fine. After this incident, we decided grandma had to move in with us. It was time and this was the perfect reason.

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