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Cigarettes are a huge contributor to lung cancer, but many people don’t realize that more than one cause of lung cancer is related to the exposure of radon gases. Radon gases are not talked much about these days as well as it seems to be more Uncommon than common. One big issue is a lot of homes that were built up in areas that used to beat garbage places. There are some common symptoms of radon poisoning that could not easily be noticed. You might believe that your family is suffering from a cold or the flu, but it could be a radon intoxication. Since radon gas cannot be easily detected in the air, the best bet is to have a monthly test performed to check for radon levels. If any sign occurs that your home may experience some radon detection, then you can work on treating and mitigating the radon levels. There are some simple mitigation plans that can easily reduce concentrations of radon gas. These Simple Solutions help dissipate gas as it comes from the ground. As long as there is a great deal of ventilation, then these noxious fumes don’t cause such pressing issues. The very best solution is testing for Radon in areas where high concentrations have already been found. Some places are higher than others, but radon can be found all throughout the City, Countryside, as well as Farm areas. No loss of life is worth not testing your home, so get out there and make the right decision today. It could be the way to save your home and family.

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